Andrew is the Dungeon Master and Editor of Crit Hit and Save. He was born and raised outside of Nashville, TN. After getting his MBA, He started looking for a creative outlet and decided to start this D&D campaign podcast combo with his friends and here we are.


Chelsea is a former librarian turned amateur adventurer. Even without a pandemic, you’ll typically find her at home binge watching shows or immersed in a novel. She never says no to brunch, loves all things Harry Potter, and will dance to anything. Comedy and True Crime are her top podcast genres to listen to and she is having a blast working on this one with her friends.


Lonessa is a 29 year old librarian. She likes to take long moonlit walks in graveyards and explore haunted houses. When she is not doing creepy stuff, she is usually hanging out with her handsome feline fur baby, Dean (yes, named after Dean from Supernatural), and listening to her favorite metal/rock bands on repeat. What got her started in playing Dungeons and Dragons, you ask? Her love for Lord of the Rings and role playing games. Let’s go on an adventure!


Montana Chambers has been a Cookeville area resident for 14 years. She is 32 years old, and graduated Tennessee Tech University with a wildlife science degree. She lives just outside of Algood, TN with her husband of 2 years, and their two cats. She loves camping, cooking, gardening, and reading. She thinks the perfect date would be on April 25th. When it's not too hot, and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. She, also, thinks that Black Lives Matter, and Trans Right are Human Rights.